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Zeit:09.06.2013 um 06:05 (UTC)

I found my way to your site through the paranormal societies page.

I once belonged to a paranormal group in AZ and they were a great group to perform investigations with. They call themselves T.AZ.P.R.S. I have been on several investigations with them including the vulture mine which was my first one after I completed their Para101 class. Sadly enough I resigned from the group and went my own way.

I was born in Germany and lived there many years, but not long enough. I would have loved to been able to investigate their many castles and old cathedrals. I do go back every now and then. But only to visit family. Who knows maybe I will someday be able to investigate the Cologne Cathedral (Koelner Dom).

My paranormal interests started in my early 30’s although I have had a few odd moments in my younger years. I never really had paranormal contact yet, but I have had a few future seeing moments, that as young as I was, I didn’t really take it serious.

Check out my new site and listen to my Class A EVP that I have gathered over time. I am still adding and I even still have material to go through from my most recent investigations. It’s in the beginning phase.

My idea with this site is to create a hub for paranormal groups around the world, where they can upload or link their findings under their user names (Paranormal Group Names). This way everyone can enjoy and even comment on them. It’s like a Paranormal Social Group. This also gives the opportunity to show yourselves to the world. I understand that they all have their own sites and YouTube accounts, but wouldn’t it be easier to see it all from one place instead of countless hours of searching the web? This is one of the reasons I started this site and I hope everyone agrees !

If you think this is a good site then sign up and start adding your findings. I am extremely interested in any paranormal findings, but I am not interested in the fake stuff that’s out there in masses. It is almost impossible to differentiate between the fakes and the real thing. I hope my site will only offer the real stuff.

If you have any improvement thoughts / idea, I am open to anything.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Have a great weekend.


Zeit:04.11.2012 um 16:07 (UTC)
Nachricht:Die Hexenmeisterin der Schwesternschaft der neun Winkel wünscht den Spiritteam erfolgreiche jagt des Paranormalen.

Zeit:03.08.2012 um 22:41 (UTC)
Nachricht:Hallo liebe Kollegen,

wir wünschen Euch viel Spaß & gute Ergebnisse auf Euren Untersuchungen.
Und natürlich auch viel Erfolg für Euer Team!

LG, Yvonne

Zeit:19.05.2012 um 21:40 (UTC)
Nachricht:Liebes S.P.I.R.I.T.- Team,

das Team der P.I.R.- Germany lässt mal einen lieben Gruß hier und wünscht euch alles Gute.
Auch weiterhin viel Erfolg bei euren Untersuchungen.

Liebe Grüße,

Markus (in Vertretung für das P.I.R.- Team)

Zeit:23.01.2012 um 16:53 (UTC)
Nachricht:Hallo liebes Spirit Team,
ich wünsche euch einen guten Start und viel Erfolg.Ein guter Tipp am Rande bleibt euch selber Treu und lasst euch nicht von anderen beeinflussen. Die Szene ist hart was das betrifft.
Bin gespannt wie ihr euch entwickelt,viel Glück.
Lieben Gruss Sandy GhostHunters Agency

Zeit:23.01.2012 um 11:59 (UTC)
wünsche euch viel Glück und Erfolg bei eurer Geisterjagt! Finde es bewundernswert das es Leute gibt die sich so für ihre Interressen einsetzen, obwohl man ja meistens dafür nur belächelt oder als °Spinner° abgetan wird!

Projekte (PU)
Wir arbeiten fleißig daran neue Orte zu finden, an denen wir für euch Projekte durchführen können.
Werbung in eigener Sache
Dar wir uns noch stark im Aufbau befinden, suchen wir noch Ermittler aus dem Kreis Bad Tölz, Weilheim - Schongau , München, Rosenheim und Tirol.
Eine Bewerbung richtet Ihr bitte über das Kontaktformular an uns.

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